Environmental Compliance

Guardian Compliance, like its legacy companies Environmental Analytics and Encompas, supports petroleum refining, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, and specialty industrial clients, helping them meet and document environmental Leak Detection and Repair (LDAR) compliance obligations. Guardian provides the necessary personnel, processes, hardware, and technology platforms required to fulfill your intercompany, federal, state, and local environmental compliance requirements. We support clients throughout North America, with additional international operations in select countries. Our LDAR programs are tailored to specific client needs, focused on results, and managed by veteran personnel. Many Guardian specialists are recognized experts in the field of environmental regulation and compliance.

Safety, high quality, innovation, and integrity form the foundation of all Guardian LDAR programs and these themes guide every service and task we perform. Guardian also leverages solutions designed to enhance LDAR program management. These include LDAR software, such as FEJupiter™, FEScout™, Cal2.0™, Cal3.0™, as well as certain hardware, such as SpanBox™, which are exclusively licensed from LDARtools, Inc. With these and other tools, Guardian technicians are able to increase productivity - with recognizable improvements in safety and documentation efficiency - resulting in more successful LDAR programs. We pride ourselves on delivering superior LDAR solutions, and train our technicians to meet our exacting standards. As a result, Guardian clients are confident knowing that they are receiving the most accurate monitoring data available.

If you're looking to establish an environmental compliance program at a new facility or improve performance of an existing program, please contact Guardian. We welcome the opportunity to discuss the advantages of our programs, staff, and technical offering and how Guardian is positioned as the recognized environmental compliance leader.