The LDARtools® suite of products allows Guardian Compliance technicians to be more efficient, by streamlining and improving the calibration, data acquisition and field management process. LDARtools® offers Guardian clients the foundation to build transparent programs with reliable data.

Guardian Compliance is a preferred licensee and distributor of LDARtools® software, including FEJupiter™, FEScout™, Cal2.0™, Cal3.0™ and certain hardware, such as SpanBox™. The suite of products described on this page has proven to function effectively with either LeakDAS® or GuideWare™ software and have been proven valuable at client facilities.

Hardware and Software Developed for LDAR

LDARtools® has made tremendous breakthroughs that improve LDAR monitoring documentation and program performance. Our LDAR specialists have the ability to increase productivity and safety. Learn how to develop, support and document more compliant LDAR programs with the following LDARtools® hardware and software:
  • SpanBox™, Cal2.0™, and Cal 3.0™ for easy calibration and error free reporting
  • FEJupiter™ for safety, compliance and productivity
  • FEInspect™ Mobile LDAR data collection
  • FEScout™ GPS driven monitoring routes, field support and historical data
  • SmartFlag™ seamless, automated method for Tagging and Documenting

The phx21™

The phx21™ analyzer, manufactured by LDARtools®, is based on years of field experience and is the most powerful tool available for technicians performing day-to-day monitoring. It's the first analyzer to incorporate a host of innovative features and benefits and the only one designed specifically to support Method21 / LDAR programs. Some of the benefits of the phx21™ include:
  • Smaller, lighter, more rugged and easier for technicians to use
  • Pump throttling increases monitoring production and accuracy
  • Automatic pump blockage & moisture protection
  • Method21 calibration failsafe
  • Automatic analyzer diagnostics & operational notices

Use of LDARtools Inc. Trademarks:

  • FEScout™, FEJupiter™, Cal2.0™, Cal3.0™, SMARTFlag™, SpanBox™ and SpanBox3™ are trademarks of LDARtools Inc. and are used under license.
  • LDARtools® is a registered trademark owned by LDARtools Inc. and is used under license.
  • phx21™ is a trademark of LDARtools Inc. and is used under license.
    • Note: the basic phx21TM may be purchased directly from LDARtools Inc. or from Guardian Compliance.
  • Please refer to ldartools.com for additional information regarding LDARtools® products.